Wave emaljeøreringer


Sølv og emaljeøreringer – lilla bølgemønster.

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This handmade silver and enamel earrings mimics a wave or dunes in the sand. It’s up to you!
The earrings are perfect to give a final touch to an outfit. They can be worn every day, and I can even sleep with these on.

The shape is designed by me, cast in silver at EMS. I do the enameling in my studio i Halden, Norway.
The enamel is carefully placed with a tiny paintbrush and heated to about 750 degrees C.

The design is made in several colors, so feel free to have a look around.
If there is a certain color you would like, please send me an e-mail at anette@wildaria.no

The design is:
– 925 silver
– enamel

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