Tomt på lager

En liten sølvkongle du kan henge rundt halsen. Den lever og beveger seg når du beveger den.

Konglen har 27 små skjell som sages ut av sølv, bukkes og pusses.

Pine cone necklace. Forest pendant. Forest necklace. My favorite pendant. Nature pendant.

It moves, and I love it.
Se a small video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vHRSiMeElA

Beautiful handmade silver cone. Every little shell or shingle-like leaf is drawn on a shiny sheet of silver. The oblong scale shape is sawed out and polished.The holes are made to be assembled.

The polishing of the 27 little leaves of silver takes a long time. It is done in five steps on each side of the shape. They are very small and tend to shoot off into space.
If I don’t find it (if its wedged between the wall and the socket, inserted deep into the carpet or at the bottom of the bin) I have to start over again.

It is a labor of love.

It is satisfying to assemble the finished cone and see that it moves when you handle it. The little leaves open slightly and you can see the inside of the cone.

Det er ingen omtaler ennå.

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